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The beginning

Ok ok, we know how idilic this sounds but it is the truth. Our mission started on a surf trip in 2012 when we were confronted with the huge amounts of plastic waste in and around the ocean. As surfers and sailors we decided to address the plastic pollution in a positive way by making high quality sunglasses out of biodegradable and or recycled plastic. 

After exploring options with various suppliers and plastic producing companies we met with the Italian company Mazzucchelli that was able to produce high quality bio-degradable acetate for us, and early 2014 we selected an independant Italian manufacturer of handmade glasses.

Soon after we founded DICK MOBY.


To make the required advance payment needed to start production of the minimum quantity of sunglasses at our Italian manufacturer, we launched an international crowdfunding campaign with great success. With this funding we were able to produce our first collection of sunglasses, all of them being sold out before we got them in. 

See campaign on Indiegogo

Coming of age

Within 10 months after the launch our sunglasses were sold at some of the well known fashion and optical shops worldwide and early 2015 we started a collaboration with the prestigious department store Colette in Paris. 

In the course of 2015 Mazzucchelli succeeded in developing black acetate out of production waste, and so our 97% recycled black line was born. Towards the end of 2015 we launched our first optical collection and our third sunglasses collection.

With this complete collection we felt as if the brand was really growing up and named the collection after one of our favourite coming of age movies Dazed And Confused.